Dear TC95 members:

BioEM 2019 was successfully conducted during June 23-June 28, 2019 at Montpellier, France. I want to take this opportunity to thank our committee member Alexandre Legros, who was the Co-Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, for this wonderful meeting. The meeting was held at a nice conference facility Le Corum. The meeting attracted 340 attendants from all over the world. Thank you Alex for your tremendous efforts in organizing such a large scale meeting. Alex will also be the Co-Chair of the Technical Program Committee for next year in Oxford, UK. Alex, we are very proud of you.

Alex with two Technical Program Co-Chairs (Azadeh Peyman and Michaela Liberti) and Local Organizing Co-chair (Isabelle Lagroye).

Through Skype, our member Pat Reilly delivered his D’Arsonval Award lecture “One man’s career in bioelectricity”. The testimony of his award is shown below. The composition of the statements is done by our member Asher Sheppard (who has been doing this service for Bioelectromagnetics Society for the last several decades). After Pat finished his humorous and interesting talk, he concluded with a beautiful harmonica performance. Congratulations, Pat. You are our hero.

C-K. Chou
TC95 Chair