The Administrative Committee (AdCom), has been established to oversee the operation of ICES and being the main decision-making element of ICES. Furthermore, fundraising and liaison with IEEE and non-IEEE national and international organizations of similar scope, including the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), WHO, IEC, NATO, etc. is in the scope of AdCom. Liaison with national groups, such as the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), and the relevant federal agencies of the US, e.g., FDA, FCC, OSHA, NIOSH, as well as corresponding national agencies of other countries is also part of AdCom responsibilities.

TitleName Affiliation
ICES Chair Dr. Jafar Keshvari Aalto University
Executive Secretary Antonio Faraone Motorola Solutions
Treasurer Dr. C-K Chou C-K Chou Consulting
Membership Roel Escobar US Air Force
Chair TC 34 Dr. Teruo Onishi National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Japan
SC1 Chair Dr. Mark Douglas IT IS Foundation
SC2 Chair Dr. Jafar Keshvari Aalto University
Chair TC 95 Dr. C-K Chou C-K. Chou Consulting
SC1 Co-Chair Peter Zollman Peter Zollman Consultancy
SC1 Co-Chair Matt Butcher Sublight Engineering
SC2 Chair Ric Tell Richard Tell Associates Inc.
SC3 Co-Chair Dr. Robert Kavet EPRI (Retired)
SC3 Co-Chair Dr. Alexandre Legros Lawson Health Research Institute
SC4 Co-Chair Dr. William Bailey Exponent
SC4 Co-Chair Dr. Gregory Lapin American Radio Relay League
SC5 Co-Chair Ray Harmon US Naval Surface Warfare Cntr.
SC5 Co-Chair Auke Visser Royal Netherlands Navy
SC6 Chair Dr. Akimasa Hirata Nagoya Institute of Technology
At Large Member Patrick Reilly Metatec Associates
AdCom Member Dr. Kenneth Foster University of Pennsylvania
Ex-Officio Members
Name Affiliation
Dr. Ralf Bodemann Siemens AG
Frank Colville US Army
Dr. Sheila Johnston Independent Consulting Neuroscientist
Dr. Wolfgang Kainz US Food and Drug Administration
Dr. John Osepchuck Full Spectrum Consulting (retired)
Dr. Artnarong Thansandote Health Canada (retired)

IEEE SA Representative – Patricia Roder