Dr. Aki Hirata, Chairman of IEEE ICES TC95 Subcommittee 6, won the Japan Academy Medal on 12 Jan. 2018; Award ceremony will be held on 7 Feb 2018 at the Imperial House.

This medal is given to less than 6 researchers (under 45) yearly; 2 for scholars on humanities, economics etc., 2 for those on medicine or biology etc., and 2 for physics, chemistry, and information science in addition to related engineering. Aki is the first electrical/electronic engineering to win this medal.

Dr. Hirata’s achievements are in the subject of “Integrated Simulation Techniques for Multiphyiscs and Physiological Response and Their Application”.
1) development computational code by combining physics and thermo- and neurophysiology
2) application to a) safety from EMF, b) from ambient heat, and c) medical application (brain stimulation, etc.).

In addition to EMF, Aki is a researcher for the heat stroke management in Japan; e.g., his computation will be used for risk management in summer events.
Dr. Hirata appeared on TV approximately 100 times (in east Asia) and more than 1,000 times on newspaper in east Asia (except Japan) and 250 times in Japan.

Congratulations, Aki, we are so proud to have you as a member of ICES.