ICNIRP announced that the 2024-2028 commision as of July 2024 will be composed of the following 12 scientists:

Akimasa Hirata, Chair, Japan
Ken Karipidis, Vice-Chair, Australia
Young Hwan Ahn, Republic of Korea
Nigel Cridland, United Kingdom
Frank de Vocht, United Kingdom
Anke Huss, The Netherlands
Ilko Ilev, United States of America
Jens Kuhne, Germany
Ilkka Laakso, Finland
Isabelle Lagroye, France
Alberto Modenese, Italy
Gunnhild Oftedal, Norway

Dr. Hirata will continue to serve as the Chairman of ICES TC95 SC6. Ilkka Laakso will also remain as members of SC6, and TC95.
Congratulations to Aki and Ilkka for the new positions in the ICNIRP.