Andrea Schiavoni received his PhD from the University of Ancona in 1994. He joined Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni (CSELT) in 1993, which later became TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), where he is currently employed. Andrea has significantly contributed to the development of Computational Electrodynamics applied to electromagnetic compatibility and human exposure to Electromagnetic Field from mobile devices and base stations, dealing with both Computational Electrodynamics and experimental dosimetry. Andrea developed an FDTD computational system used to perform computations inside anatomical MRI based models. The FDTD code was also used for validation of experimental setups, also developing an in-house manufactured system to measure exposure inside tissue-equivalent liquids. Since 2015 he was involved in the EMF exposure from base station contributing to the development of planning tools used by the TIM group for designing its own mobile network.

In the past 20+ years Andrea has significantly contributed to the standards development at IEEE/ICES TC34 as well as IEC TC106. His last contribution was leading the team responsible for the development of EMF aspects of IoT systems at IEEE/ICES TC34:

With his existing roles at IEC and IEEE, Andreas is bringing his technical as well as his leadership skills to IEEE/ICES management and will be focusing on both measurement and computational compliance assessment standards. Andrea’s experience both at IEEE/ICES TC34 and IEC TC106 will be key in leading TC34 activities, as major part of the projects are jointly developed with IEC TC106.

IEEE/ICES Chair as well as AdCom members welcomes Dr Schiavoni to the management team. As the Chair of TC34, Andrea becomes also a member of the AdCom.