Jafar Keshvari, currently working at Intel, Corporate Product Regulations and Standards management is also adjunct professor of Biomedical Eng/Bioelectromagnetics at Aalto University in Finland. Dr. Keshvari has completed his doctoral studies in Biomedical Engineering, for the first time modeling the characteristics of Electro-oculogram (EOG).

Dr. Keshvari has been involved in Electromagnetic fields and health related standardization, research and education for over 16 years. He has had key roles in the development of numerous international EMF compliance assessment standards at IEEE, IEC, CENELEC and ITU in different roles, as the chairman, committee chair and WG chairs. Furthermore Dr. Keshvari has had distinguished key role in global harmonization of SAR compliance assessment standards. Under his leadership standardization bodies such as IEEE and IEC are activated to collaborate and co-operate with entities such as WHO, ITU and ICNIRP towards the global harmonization of standards.