AdCom has approved the appointment of Dr. Yinliang Diao as the Co-Chair of SC6, working with Dr. Akimasa Hirata to lead the subcommittee on EMF modeling and dosimetry. We welcome Dr. Diao as the new co-Chair.

Dr. Yinliang Diao received an MS degree in Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and later pursued a PhD in Electronic Engineering at City University of Hong Kong. His doctoral research primarily focused on computational dosimetry in low-frequency and radio-frequency bands. After completing his doctorate, he was involved in the development of a near-field antenna measurement system operating in the mmWave band. Since 2017, he has held a faculty position, starting as an Assistant Professor, and currently serving as an Associate Professor at South China Agricultural University. His recent studies include the fusion of measurement and simulation for dosimetric assessment, and methods aimed at reducing numerical artifacts in computations associated with voxel-based human models.
From 2019 to 2021, Dr. Diao was a Research Assistant Professor and subsequently Research Associate Professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology. He is a member of IEEE in EMC, CIE and CSBME. He served as a co-chair of WG7 of ICES TC95 SC6 on Novel human body modelling for low-frequency dosimetry. He also contributed to the WG on APD assessment methods. Since 2020, he has been a SEG member of ICNIRP for low-frequency dosimetry review.