ICES Chairman Jafar Keshvari and TC95 Chairman C-K. Chou attended the 23rd GLORE (Global Coordination of Research and Health Policy on RF Electromagnetic Fields) held on 4th – 6rth of November in Lima, Peru. GLORE is a coordination action initiated by Japan and Korea in 1997 and joined by Europe and then by USA, Australia and Canada. Each year scientists and policy authorities from GLORE delegations take part in this meeting. The 23rd GLORE 2019 meeting, was hosted by the Faculty of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, and the Centre of Excellence for Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research. Jafar gave an opening remark on “General Introduction of GLORE meetings”, then on “Scientific basis of 5G mmWave revised IEEE exposure limits” and “Development of Guidance for the EMF compliance assessment of IoT technologies by IEEE/ICES TC34”. C-K. gave a talk on “IEEE Std C95.1-2019 for Safe EMF Exposures”. ICNIRP Chairman Eric van Rogen presented “ICNIRP RF guidelines revision”. C-K. Will give a report of this meeting at the Florida meeting on January 22, 2020. Next GLORE meeting will be held on November 9-10, 2020 in Ottawa, Canada.