J. Patrick Reilly, retired from John Hopkins University in Baltimore/MD, was unanimously elected a new AdCom member-at-large at their meeting in Pismo Beach/CA. Pat Reilly is the world leading expert in the field of electrostimulation. He has made and continues to make substantial contributions to key parts of the IEEE C95.6 and C95.1 standards for about 20 years and has been referencing and promoting the C95 standards in numerous scientific papers and presentations at scientific congresses. Similarly, he continuously provides his expertise in the preparation of ICES comments and position papers on draft documents of external organizations such as ICNIRP or the FCC. Recently, he proposed to establish a new subcommittee devoted to numerical EMF Dosimetry modeling at low frequencies. We are grateful and happy that Pat Reilly agreed to provide his invaluable support at AdCom level.