Volume 24, Issue S6, pages S1–S2, 2003

  1. Dedication: Eleanor Reed Adair (pages S1–S2) Michael R. Murphy
  2. Editor’s note: Reviews of the effects of RF fields on various aspects of human health (pages S3–S4) Ben Greenebaum
  3. Reviews of effects of RF fields on various aspects of human health: Introduction (pages S5–S6) C-K. Chou and J.A. D’Andrea
  4. Historical review of RF exposure standards and the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES) (pages S7–S16) John M. Osepchuk and Ronald C. Petersen
  5. Thermoregulatory responses to RF energy absorption (pages S17–S38) Eleanor R. Adair and David R. Black
  6. Behavioral and cognitive effects of microwave exposure (pages S39–S62) John A. D’Andrea, Eleanor R. Adair and John O. de Lorge
  7. Epidemiological studies of radio frequency exposures and human cancer (pages S63–S73) J. Mark Elwood
  8. Radio frequency electromagnetic fields: Cancer, mutagenesis, and genotoxicity (pages S74–S100) Louis N. Heynick, Sheila A. Johnston and Patrick A. Mason
  9. Survival and cancer in laboratory mammals exposed to radiofrequency energy (pages S101–S106) Joe A. Elder
  10. Microwave effects on the nervous system (pages S107–S147) John A. D’Andrea, C.K. Chou, Sheila A. Johnston and Eleanor R. Adair
  11. Ocular effects of radiofrequency energy (pages S148–S161) J.A. Elder
  12. Auditory response to pulsed radiofrequency energy (pages S162–S173) J.A. Elder and C.K. Chou
  13. Radiofrequency fields and teratogenesis (pages S174–S186) Louis N. Heynick and James H. Merritt
  14. Radiofrequency (RF) effects on blood cells, cardiac, endocrine, and immunological functions (pages S187–S195) David R. Black and Louis N. Heynick
  15. Radiofrequency exposure and mammalian cell toxicity, genotoxicity, and transformation (pages S196–S213) Martin L. Meltz