On Sep 15, FDA’s Wolfgang Kainz stepped down as ICES TC-34 chairman. Wolfgang led the Technical Committee for close to 10 years and contributed substantially to the revision of IEEE Std-1528TM-2013 on SAR measurements of mobile communication devices held next to the head. He also initiated the development of dual-logo (IEC/IEEE) standards on the use of numerical methods for SAR assessment and maintains close cooperation with IEC. The AdCom and the entire ICES membership are grateful to all his efforts and achievements. We wish Wolfgang Kainz good luck and much success for his current and future assignments.

Jafar Keshvari from Microsoft Corporation, who was elected AdCom member at the meeting in Pismo Beach/CA, was unanimously elected chairman of TC-34. Jafar is involved in IEEE and IEC standardization on SAR assessment of mobile communication devices, and has recently initiated and supported a number of important ICES activities, e.g. the close participation of ICES in recent WHO activities. We wish Jafar Keshvari a good and fruitful leadership of TC-34 standardization activities.