Following a proposal by J. Patrick Reilly, the AdCom decided at their meeting in Pismo Beach/CA to establish a new subcommittee, SC 6 “EMF Dosimetry Modelling”. The goal of SC 6 will be the eventual resolution of uncertainties, and recommendation of analysis tools/data applicable to human exposure standards, in addition to follow and assess the recent literature on EMF dosimetry modeling both for nerve stimulation effects caused by EMF at frequencies below ~100 kHz and for heating effects caused by RF energy absorption at frequencies above ~100 kHz. SC-6 will coordinate closely with the other subcommittees, especially with SC 3 and SC 4, who are currently working on the update and merger of IEEE Std C95.1TM-2005 and IEEE-Std C95.6TM-2002 (Reaffirmed 2007) into a single standard.

The AdCom gratefully announces that Dr Akimasa Hirata, Associate Professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology and a leading expert in numerical modeling of EMF exposures, accepted our invitation to become chairman of SC-6. Dr Hirata is currently setting up the new SC structures and inviting members. Please contact Dr. Hirata ( if you are interested in participating in the activity of SC6.